Deliverance Follows Obedience

Deliverance Follows Obedience
Prepare your heart to seek God for obedience that you may observe and do all that Christ has commanded through His holy apostles.
"For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve Him with one consent." (Zephaniah 3:9)

Doctrinal Cleansing

Your enrollment in the Second 8th Week Ministries Distance Learning Program begins with your study of the doctrine of Christ. In order for us to build our faith with the First Generation Knowledge of Christ, which God issues to the Church in the form of doctrine through living apostles, we must embrace it fully by allowing it to fully persuade our choices of faith. This instruction in the faith assists believers in making all the necessary connections for their faith to remain joined to Christ in whom God has provided our redemption.

A first example of this would have to do with the use of the tool of tongues. From past experience and studies people adopt different understanding and habits with the tool of tongues. This shows the persuasion of false indoctrination, which has removed this spiritual tool from the value God set in it through Christ. Instruction is necessary to reestablish the original value God put upon this tool for faith. Truth must now be allowed to have full persuasion through daily application with the tool in order for this false indoctrination to be uprooted. As believers begin to exercise their faith with this first tool of the Second Covenant Priesthood, they will begin to gain understanding of this tool from God's perspective. As they learn how to function in their spiritual priesthood, which begins with their use of this tool and continues with their study of the Foundation Series, they will experience true and lasting spiritual growth as God bears witness to Christ in this tool.

So we can see that there is first a doctrinal cleansing that must take place before we can experience the spiritual cleansing which takes place in our souls by the effectual working of the Holy Ghost. This is the work of Christ which centers on the spiritual transformation of our souls. The end result of our experiencing this work of spiritual cleansing is the renewing of our minds which again is by the power of the Spirit.

The unction, or anointing of truth, then is the necessary instruction in the doctrine of Christ which enables us to serve God with perfect faith. All past indoctrinations spoke about Christ without understanding how God works in the soul or being able to equip believers with this foundation knowledge which is essential for our learning how to function as priests and our being able to testify of the reality of His work taking place in our hearts.

The church today is in the same condition as Israel during the times of Ezra. Each one speaking half the language of the Jews and half the language of Ashdod (Neh.13:24,25). Ezra 9:2,6:  "The holy seed have mingled themselves with the people of the land.” [6] "Our iniquities are increased over our head, and our trespass (against the covenant) is grown up unto the heavens.” Similarly, each Christian comes into the assembly with the vine of his own planting, speaking half truth and half error.

There are those who say they are apostles, who want to bring healing and restoration to the church. However, they still speak half in the language of faith and half in the language of Calvin, or Wesley, or Luther, or modern philosophers, or so-called faith cults, or Assemblies of God, etc. That system is still present in their thinking and in their approach to doctrine. False knowledge sown into truth overthrows faith.
Ezra demanded that the Levites be cleansed by first separating themselves from their strange wives. Christians must go through a similar process by separating themselves from all false indoctrination. This is done as the foundation of truth is laid in the heart (Dr. vonAnderseck E. Doctrine and discipline for spiritual transformation (1984). Apostolic Governance; Apostles’ Separation and Cleansing. Second 8th Week University Press). 

To say it another way, doctrinal cleansing can be seen as the instruction necessary for a young boy to become competent in a machine shop. There are certain connections he may have learned in his past experiences of life which are not appropriate for his new job functions. An example of this might be the word screw driver or hammer. When first asked to grab a screwdriver he may lean upon his past experiences at home and return with a butter knife. When first asked for a hammer he may return with a screwdriver handle. While these tools were used in the past for driving screws and hammering nails, they are not adequate or appropriate tools for functioning in the environment of a machine shop in which the butter knife would be bent and the screwdriver handle would shatter. 

So then this young boy would have to learn through new instruction that when a machinist needs a screw driver he is referring to one of the correct size, shape, and length of handle for the job to be performed safely and efficiently without waste or loss. These are things he never took into consideration when trying to remove the battery cover from his toys as a child. So also must those who are coming out of the False Religious System be instructed in things they never took into consideration when they were trying to function with Exigent Faith which was normalized as the common Christian experience. This important re-education is essential for our new vocation as priests of the Most High God.

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